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Updated on 14/05/2024
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Starting on June 1st, Paris is getting the Olympic party started with "Paris fête les Jeux", free festivities dotted around the capital at emblematic and historic sites.
Map of Games festivities

The Olympics are taking over Paris

Paris 2024 Games colors and iconography have already started taking over the capital. Venues like the Hôtel de Ville (City hall) have been decked out.
  • The Sacré-Coeur steps (18th) were given a new look on April 17th, to mark the 100 days until kick-off.
  • Paris' main avenues and intersections, such as the Champs-Élysées, rue de la Chapelle and the high quays along the banks of the Seine, will gradually be decked out for the occasion, with events such as th torch relay and road races taking place on them.
  • Streets and schools: from April onwards, schoolchildren will be able to play on Olympic branded facilities and sites.
  • 1924-2024 Olympic Paris street signs: from June 23th, Paris will be installing signs in the Games' colors at all the emblematic sites of the 1924 and 2024 Games, creating a historic route that will become part of the post-Games era legacy.

From June 22th to July 13th, take part in the arrondissement Olympics!

These games will test the competitive spirit of participants, who will compete with family and friends in one of seven Olympic and Paralympic disciplines:
  • laser run ;
  • 3×3 basketball ;
  • boccia ;
  • table tennis ;
  • 60-meter race ;
  • breakdance ;
  • 50-meter freestyle.
These events will take place at some 30 sports centers and swimming pools. Champions will be selected for each discipline and category by arrondissement.

A grand finale on July 13th

The winners of the grand final organized on July 13th at the Charléty stadium (13th) for track and field disciplines and at the Georges-Hermant swimming pool (19th) for the 50-meter freestyle - will be crowned "Paris champions" and will win tickets for the Games!
Map of borough Olympiad sites

From July 6th onwards, "Paris Plages" celebrates the Games

This year, the "Paris Plages" (Paris beach) event takes on a new dimension with the integration of the Canal Saint-Martin (10th) joining the party. Two sites will be linked and called the "Croisette parisienne":
  • Bassin de la Villette (19th), dedicated to young people and families;
  • on the right bank of the Seine in central Paris, more focused on cultural activities.
Open from July 6th to September 1st, the Canal Saint-Martin will offer a stroll along its two banks. In addition to beaches and terraces, various sporting and cultural activities including tai chi and dance classes, exhibitions. The swimming area will also be free of charge.

The Olympic flame will arrive in Paris on July 14th

The Olympic flame lit in Olympia in front of the Temple of Hera, April 16, 2024.

July 14th

Upon it's arrival in the capital, the Olympic flame will make it's way down from the tenth arrondissement to the Games plaza (Terrasse des Jeux) at the Hôtel de Ville.
Throughout the day, highlights and events will include:
  • choreography by acrobat Yoann Bourgeois at the Place du Panthéon (5th arrondissement);
  • Paris Pop Party with Radio Cargo 's DJ set on Place du Colonel-Fabien (10th/19th);
  • French opera interpretation show by the D.I.V.A lyrical quartet at the Petit Palais (8th);
  • A colorful Drag bingo in the Marais (Paris Centre);
  • The Hôtel de Ville will remain open all night so that Parisians and visitors alike can take a look at the flame
And don't forget the traditional fireworks display and Concert by the Orchestre de Radio France on the Champ-de-Mars (7th arrondissement) to celebrate Bastille Day.

July 15th

The flame will go from the 11th to the 20th arrondissement, arriving at the Place de la République in a festive and lively atmosphere:
  • a performance by choreographer Sadeck Berrabah 's troupe is scheduled at Sacré-Cœur (18th);
  • a guinguette with live music by Les Balochiens will be held on Place Léon-Blum (11th).

July 26th

On the day of the opening ceremony, the flame will leave Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), travel down the Canal Saint-Denis to the Bassin de la Villette (19th), then the Canal Saint-Martin (10th), before appearing on the Seine for the ceremony.

From July 14th to September 8th, some twenty sites will come alive for the Games

"Paris celebrates the Games
Some twenty venues will be hosting the festivities for this big sporting party. Each arrondissement will have its own atmosphere and programming, with events being open to all.
In addition to this, each arrondissement town hall has launched a participative call to their respective associations and clubs. The selected sports clubs and associations will be rolling out their proposals throughout the summer on sites around the capital.
Of particular note: Olympic and Paralympic events will be shown on big screens at these sites.

Highlights from the "Terrasse des Jeux" at the Hôtel de Ville (City hall)

  • Arrival of the Olympic flame on the evening of July 14th;
  • Start of the legendary Olympic marathon, with the men's event on August 10th (8 a.m.) and women's event on August 11th (8 a.m.). The route will be open to spectators free of charge;
  • Start of the Marathon for All and the 10 km run on the evening of August 10th;
  • 80th anniversary ball of the Liberation of Paris on August 24th;
  • Arrival of the Paralympic Flames on August 28th.

Six festive, ethically open, totemic sites

These totemic sites embody values that the capital holds dear : youth, solidarity, fighting the climate crisis, social and economical solidarity and gender equality.
They will be open to Parisians and visitors for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. They will also offer a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.
Pride House Centrale, 6th totemic site
Created to support and celebrate the LGBTQI+ community, Pride Houses have had a place at major international sporting events since the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. This year, the "Fier-Play" association is hosting the 24th edition of the Pride House with the support of the City of Paris, Paris 2024 and the French government. Focused on celebrating the Games, the Pride House Centrale will take place at the Rosa Bonheur sur Seine (7th arrondissement) guinguette.

The Pride House will also be reaching out to visitors and residents of the capital by setting up pop-ups in the streets of Paris from June 15th to September 8th. These will include quizzes, games, participative and inclusive sports events on themes of sports wellness, health, inclusive non-gendered sport, awareness, and much more.

Paris' cultural side to put on a show

Each of these sites will host performances created emblematic cultural icons:
  • Théâtre de la Ville-Sarah Bernhardt (Paris Centre);
  • Théâtre du Châtelet (Paris Centre);
  • théâtre 14 (14th arrondissement);
  • Le Mouffetard - Théâtre des arts de la marionnette (5th);
  • Théâtre de Verdure (16th);
  • The BEA-BA collective;
  • le Carreau du Temple (Paris Centre).
Live concerts will also happen at the Point Éphémère (10th), BL Music (15th) and La Loge (11th), while street art performances will be presented by various art collectives (Le Temps des Rues, 2r2c, Art'R).

Open-air cinema

Large screens installed at some of the festival sites will also be used to host open-air cinema evenings between August 12th and 27th.
Bandstand celebrations
From spring until the end of the year, celebrations will also take place on bandstands dotted around Paris. Hundreds of free events (music, readings, shows…) will be put on Paris' parks and green spaces. The full program is here!

Paralympic Games to rekindle the flame from August 25th onwards

Paralympic Flame JOP 2024

August 25th

The Paralympic flame will be part of the 80th anniversary ceremony of the Liberation of Paris, in conjunction with the four other Compagnons de la Libération (Nantes, Grenoble, Vassieux-en-Vercors and Ile de Sein).

August 28th

Twelve flames, one for each of the twelve competition days, will travel through the city before arriving at the Place de la Concorde (8th arrondissement) for the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

On streets and in museums, culture and sport join forces

Festival Forme Olympique - Beat by bits by Paula Rosolen.
Paris's cultural players have seized on the Games to offer a joyful, festive and mostly free program. "Nuit Blanche", the "Formes Olympiques" festival, "100% Paris 2024 Games" are all offering events at libraries, sports classes in cultural establishments and new art education and artist residency programs.

Free cultural events during the Cultural Olympiad

This year, the City of Paris will be offering a wide range of free cultural events throughout the summer:

Dedicated exhibitions at museums

Paris is also celebrating its history!
The 80th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris will be celebrated on August 24 and 25 on the Terrasse des Jeux at Hôtel de Ville (Paris Centre). In addition to the traditional ceremonies, Parisians are invited to attend a grand ball staged by Mohamed El Khatib!

An Olympic sculpture made in L.A.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the City have chosen Los Angeles-based visual artist Alison Saar to create a sculpture true to the spirit of the Paris 2024 Games.

24 contemporary works in 24 sports facilities

Mural by Nathalie Talec at Centre sportif Saint-Germain 12, rue Lobineau 6e
Murals, sculptures, photographs and mosaics will also feature at the City of Paris' swimming pools, stadiums and gymnasiums as a legacy of the Games.

Municipal staff involvement

  • the Direction de la Propreté et de l'Eau will guarantee the cleanliness of festival sites;
  • the Department of School Affairs will be in charge of leisure centers;
  • The Public Health Department will be offering "sports and health" workshops to raise awareness of the benefits of taking up sport, as well as risk awareness workshops;
  • the Department of Youth and Sports will be organizing various schemes to spread sport throughout the city (Paris Sport Dimanche and Paris Sport Vacances) and offering its traditional summer swims at five sports facilities;
  • The Department of Cultural Affairs will be hosting open air libraries, offering reading activities, games and workshops in shaded areas;
  • the Department of Families and Early Childhood will be mobilizing its associative partners with two "Ludomouv'" events;
  • the Green Spaces department will be raising public awareness through urban ecology workshops and will be helping to set up bandstand events in parks and gardens;
  • the Direction de la Propreté et de l'Eau will ensure the cleanliness of festival sites throughout the Games;
  • The Municipal Police and Prevention Department will help to ensure security at the festival sites throughout the Games.

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