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#PARIS2024 the eco-friendly Olympics

Mise à jour le 13/03/2018
The Olympic and Paralympic Games bid committee announces a bold sustainability strategy for 2024. The projects are aligned with the Paris Climate Accord that will make the 2024 Games the most environmentally responsible games to date.
Environmental protection and climate action strategies are at the heart of the Paris 2024 project, in line with the agreement signed by almost 200 countries during the COP21 in 2016. The eco-friendly and sustainable commitment to the Olympic Games will continue to place Paris as a global leader in environmental initiatives and at the forefront of the fight against climate change. In 2016 Paris was crowned by the WWF as a model for climate action and won the prestigious C40 Cities Award for its innovation in sustainability.

The Olympic Village

The Olympic Village will be a model of sustainable development through low-carbon eco-friendly buildings, the 100% use of renewable energies and the enforcement of a zero-waste policy. A fleet of zero-emission vehicles will run through the village throughout the competition.


The impact of visitors and spectators will represent more than 40% of the carbon footprint reductions thanks to a clean transport policy which includes the innovations of the RATP, official sponsor of Paris 2024.
  • 100% of the spectators will visit the sites by public transport or shared vehicules
  • 85% of athletes will be accommodated within 30min of the competition venues
  • 100% of the energy will be green electricity
  • The global project provides accessibility by bicycle by nearly three-quarters of spectators
  • An efficient rail network linking 85% of French cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants to Paris in less than 4 hours while connecting the city to many other major capitals.
“ Through our compact Games concept and innovative use of eco-friendly transport and infrastructure solutions, we are creating a blueprint for responsible event hosting and sustainable urban development, which we hope to share with the world. " declared Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 Co-Chair, IOC Member and triple Olympic Champion.
See you on September 13! In Lima, Peru the IOC will designate the host city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024.

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