Georges-Vallerey swimming pool reopens after renovation work!

Updated on 14/05/2024
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Water polo match at the inauguration of the Georges Vallerey swimming pool.
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Renovated to accommodate swimming, marathon swimming and triathlon training for the Paris 2024 Games, the Georges-Vallerey pool (20th) has been given a comprehensive refurbishment. To celebrate it's reopening, a game of water polo was held under it's bright new roof.
It's all kicking off! The Georges Vallerey swimming pool was recently officially reopened with a big splash. A dozen swimmers from the Libellule de Paris water polo club leapt into the clear blue water to mark the occasion. As their heads bobbed up and down in the pool, the roof was opened and the Olympic rings were dramatically displayed above them.
Inaugurating the pool with a water polo match was a nod to the swimmer Georges Vallerey, " who was a member of the La Libellule de Paris club ", recalls Jean-Baptiste, general secretary of the club founded in 1898! Any first impressions? " It's fantastic to be able to play in such great conditions with a retractable roof. And it's still the very same pool where France won a gold medal in 1924!"
The Georges-Vallerey pool is the oldest of the newly renovated venues for the Olympic Games as it was built for the Paris Games in 1924! Here, Johnny Weissmuller made history by winning four Olympic medals, three of them gold. With the aim of repeating this feat, french swimmers have been able to practice here since April 17th, prior to the venue hosting this summer's events in swimming, marathon swimming and triathlon training sessions.
For this summer's games, it has undergone a deep rejuvenation treatment, including the refurbishment of its famous sunroof and the replacement of its glass roof. The wooden framework under the sunroof has been renovated using wood from eco-certified French forests. The gutters and downpipes have also been refurbished.
The reception area has been completely reconfigured, and numerous technical improvements have been made such as the modernization of the air treatment unit, water treatment and heating systems aswell as improved accessibility for the disabled.
Another innovation: a kennel has been created for guide or assistance dogs, as well as a reception desk and a pathway to the pool for people with disabilities.

New infrastructure for hosting the general public and athletes

  • Redevelopment of the site's reception area, making access easier;
  • Improved acoustics by lowering the water treatment system in the pool's evacuation spouts;
  • Creation of a sanitary facility, accessible to the public, level with the stand;
  • Improved access inside the facility (vertical accessibility, guidance, signage for athletes and renovation of the current elevator).

Modernized technical facilities

  • Modernization of the air conditioning unit and ventilation distribution system for the hall/pool;
  • Modernization of heating distribution ;
  • Modernization of water treatment ;
  • Upgrade to some of the equipment's electrical installations;
  • Modernization of the fire safety system.

A more efficient building

  • Replacement of the polycarbonate canopy ;
  • Replacement of the timber framework ;
  • Replacement of gutters and downspouts.
As part of the refurbishment, an ambitious approach was taken to reuse some of the old material. To avoid further waste, old materials were reused.
Piscine Georges-Vallerey
148, avenue Gambetta
75020 PARIS

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