The Max-Rousié sports center is ready for the Paris 2024 Games

Updated on 23/05/2024
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Renovation of the Max Rousié sports center (17th) - future boxing training site for the 2024 Olympics.
The Max-Rousié sports center (17th) has undergone a metamorphosis ahead of hosting boxing training for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. With its renovated dojo, gym, sports hall, elevator, enhanced accessibility, the sports center is a part of a concrete legacy for the capital's athletes.
Max-Rousié will be combat-ready for 2024. This vast sports center in the 17th arrondissement, named after a rugby legend, has been completely renovated in view of becoming the boxing training center for the Paris 2024 Games.
Paris has seized on the opportunity to undertake a major renovation project, as it has in four other sports venues in the capital, for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
"It's an in-depth renovation, because this sports center was built in the 1960s, with dilapidated installations, asbestos and a lack of thermal insulation", Eve Brunelle, head of equipment projects at the Délégation générale aux Jeux olympiques et aux Grands événements de la Ville, explains. Everything has been refurbished from locker rooms and corridors to reception and training areas!
The building will be less energy consuming thanks to a complete overhaul of its boiler room, joinery replacement and new thermal insulation on the facades. A vast improvement for sports enthusiasts.

The boxing gym gets a makeover

The 120m2 boxing hall was the first part of the center to be completed in October 2022. With its brand new punching bags and ring, "there's all the equipment you need," smiles Frédéric Esther, boxer and sports educator at Max-Rousié. "I coach around sixty youngsters and adults every week. The Olympic Games are an opportunity to talk about our discipline and attract new boxers!

Sports hall, dojo and changing rooms

The dojo and the 600-seater sports hall have also benefited from this comprehensive renovation. During the Games, boxing rings will be bought into the gymnasium for athletes coming from all over the world. The grandstand, located opposite the rugby field, is also being refurbished.

Enhanced accessibility

In terms of accessibility, an elevator now carries people to every floor of the main building. This will facilitate disabled access. Changing rooms for people with reduced mobility, guide posts and improved signage all contribute to this enhanced accessibility.

All eyes on Max-Rousié!

An exhibition in 2022 showcased everyday life at the sports center. From working people to training athletes, here are their stories.

Stéphanie Gicquel, all-round sportswoman

I live in two worlds: adventure sports and ultra cross-country skiing. As well as being an extreme sportswoman, I'm an independent entrepreneur, I write books about my expeditions and I'm also involved in volunteer work. The renovation work will both raise the profile of our respective sports and bring new life to the sports center.

Stéphanie Gicquel
Extreme sportswoman

Karl and Rakoub, at the heart of the Pouchet club

19 years after its creation, this local club is thriving thanks to the wishes of local residents. The renovation work will be nothing but a positive for the community and the sports center.

Karl Berkemal
Club President

The SCUF, Max-Rousié's resident rugby club

Lionel Busson, SCUF President

Our club's history took a turn when we moved to Max-Rousié in 2007. We're going to be part of the legacy of the Games and will benefit from all of these improvements. Max Rousié is also the closest Paris stadium to the Olympic Village (located in L'Île-Saint-Denis). This will have a positive effect on Max-Rousié's reputation, and that's fantastic.

Lionel Busson
President, Sporting club universitaire de France (scuf)

Djibrine and Frédéric, a passion for boxing

The 2024 Games not only put the spotlight on the club, but also on boxing as a whole in the 17th arrondissement. Max Rousié is a venue that constantly hosts boxing competitions. This renovation is a great part of the Olympic Games' legacy.

Djibrine Fall-Telemaque
Territorial sports manager

Sports center employees have their say

Every employee at the Max-Rousié sports center has their say at throughout the exhibition. Giving insights and comments on how they're experiencing the build-up to the Games.
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