Austin TV • Bombataz / Supersonic (Free entry)

Le mercredi 28 février 2024
WELCOME TO SUPERSONIC Concerts gratuits, et nuits rock à Paris !
AUSTIN TV (22h30)
(Post rock - Mexico City, MEX)
Austin TV is one of the most important rock bands in Latin America. Despite being an instrumental band they have a lot to say. Using masks according to the album concept, they give life to their motto ¨Tu Cara No Importa, Importas Tú¨ (Your face does not matter, you matter!).
After a 10 year hiatus they decided to return in 2022 with new music and a strong comeback to the stage.
Their message has marked more than one generation, they have performed more than 1,200 shows, released 5 albums and with 21 years of experience, they have managed to carry the flag of independence to new horizons.
BOMBATAZ (21h30)
(Indie pop - Bruxelles, BEL)
Bombataz consists of four musical all-rounders picking flavours from every possible genre, in order to obtain a unique yet very danceable cocktail.
Their first EP '¡Kapao!', released in 2019 on Fake Records, presented the audience a first taste of their unique sound.
On the 30th of October their first LP 'Olympics of Love' will be dropped on Cloudshaper label.
La suite de la programmation arrive très vite !
Mercredi 28 Février 2024
Entrée gratuite
• Ouverture des portes à 19h00
• Happy Hour de 19h à 20h

• Si vous êtes témoin ou victime d’une agression, vous pouvez alerter le personnel du bar ou si vous préférez, vous pouvez nous écrire à cette adresse: pbzzhavpngvba@fhcrefbavp-cnevf.se[communication puis supersonic-paris.fr après le signe @]

9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)
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