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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Paris is to provide humanitarian aid

Mise à jour le 21/02/2023
On February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, with a series of aftershocks, struck southern Turkey and Syria. There were tens of thousands of fatalities and widespread damages, hundreds of thousands had their homes completely destroyed. Paris is to provide an humanitarian aid. Humanitarian organizations have launched a call for donations to help the affected populations.
As damages and casualties continue to rise in Turkey and Syria, the international community is organizing to provide an emergency response through humanitarian aid.

Paris Council on providing humanitarian aid

At the next Paris Council (March 14-17, 2023), the City of Paris will vote on allocating € 200,000 to emergency response.
This aid will cover the purchase and distribution of foodstuff, the provision of pharmaceutical and medical products to health facilities, the distribution of hygiene kits, the provision of psychosocial support, and the access to safe and protected shelters through the construction and rehabilitation of key infrastructures.

Assisting humanitarian organizations

Many humanitarian organizations and NGOs are organizing themselves to provide emergency assistance and relief to the local population. The following organizations have made a call for donations:
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