Paris 2024 Games: over 100,000 "solidarity" tickets given away

Updated on 06/06/2024
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The City of Paris is handing out 55,000 tickets for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and 50,000 tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games competitions. Find out how this ticketing scheme is organized.
With this solidarity ticketing scheme, Paris wants to create a festival open to all by inviting Parisians from all backgrounds with a focus on people who don't usually go to major events. By inviting members from sports associations, community organizations and working-class neighborhoods, Paris is highlights the importance of these invaluable public service partners, most of whom are working on the legacy of the Games.

Who will benefit from these invitations to the opening ceremony of the Games?

Paris has made 55,000 access passes available to enable residents of the capital to enjoy the opening ceremony on the upper quays: 35,000 made available to co-organizers of the opening ceremony and 20,000 to residents and businesses within the vicinity of the ceremony.
The City of Paris will give priority invitations to :
  • 35,000 people from disadvantaged families who don't usually get the chance to go on vacation: young people, local clubs, agents and their families;
  • 20,000 Parisians, residents or shopkeepers who are impacted by the Games.
Each person will get four access tickets for the opening ceremony.

How will the 50,000 competition tickets be distributed?

The City of Paris has purchased 50,000 tickets to enable priority groups to attend competitions free of charge (20,000 tickets for the Olympic Games, 30,000 tickets for the Paralympic Games).
Paris has chosen to distribute tickets among different members of the general public, relying on 850 associative structures from all of the arrondissements:
  • 47% of tickets: Parisian youth and underprivileged residents = 23,288 tickets;
  • 18% of tickets: amateur Parisian athletes = 9,048 tickets ;
  • 28% of tickets: active contributors to daily Games organization (workers, volunteers, etc.) = 14,087 tickets ;
  • 7% of tickets: public relations (elected representatives, foreign delegations, etc.) = 3,577 tickets.

It's a unique experience and a great event that we'll be able to share together.

Mathieu Pradel
director of the Tatane association, a collective grassroots movement for sustainable, happy soccer
"It's a wonderful opportunity and an honor for our association," enthuses Mathieu Pradel, director of the Tatane association, which will benefit from the solidarity scheme. "It's a unique experience and a great event that we'll all be able to share together with the young people we work with". Tatane was founded in 2012 by former French international footballer Vikash Dhorasoo, its aim is to "use peoples' passion for soccer to create social interactions. We use soccer as a unifying starting point. For example, we host sewing activities to allow people to customize soccer shirts!"
In addition to soccer sessions, the association is involved in two schemes initiated for the Paris 2024 Games, "Paris Sportives", to boost female participation in sport, and "Education through sport", that helps kids who've dropped out of school.

Invitations to major international sporting events

It's not the first time that the City of Paris has made attending major sporting events possible for underprivileged residents. In 2022, this solidarity ticketing scheme covered thirteen events, with over 5,000 tickets donated to the City's priority groups.
For 2023, this ticketing scheme involved nine events. Over 15,000 tickets were given away for the Rugby World Cup, the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup and the Para-Athletics World Championships, to state but a few examples.

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