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COP21: cities from all over the world to meet in Paris

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Next December 4, on the fringe of the official negotiations of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21), local decision-makers from all over the world are expected at Paris City Hall to make a commitment in favour of the climate.
bandeau COP21
bandeau COP21

Paris and COP21

The Climate Summit for Local Leaders, chaired jointly by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, and Michael Bloomberg, the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, will bring together mayors and local leaders from five continents to highlight the commitments of cities and communities and to contribute to the success of COP21.

Creating an historic mobilisation around solutions for cities

For the first time at a Conference Of the Parties (COP), the leading European and worldwide networks of cities (such as CGLU, ICLEI, C40, the AIMF and the CCRE) will come together to make a commitment in favour of the climate.
This unprecedented mobilization will reflect the historic role that cities intend to play, as they themselves account for a considerable share of greenhouse gas emissions but most of all because they have concrete solutions to the challenges represented by climate change. Housing, public transport, resource management, climate plans, energy sobriety: all these are tools that cities can now bring to the fore to help meet ambitious targets.

An official declaration to make the voice of local leaders heard at Le Bourget

On the occasion of the Summit, local leaders from all over the world will formalize their commitments by adopting and signing a joint policy declaration. This will cover all aspects of the fight against climate change: reducing emissions, adapting and financing.
To order to provide input to official negotiations, a delegation of mayors led by Michael Bloomberg and Anne Hidalgo will deliver the conclusions of the Summit at Action Day at Le Bourget on December 5, the day after the Summit.

Reducing emissions, adapting and financing: the three pillars of cities' commitments

Like the other cities taking part in the summit, Paris has engaged in a procedure to reduce emissions in its territory since 2004. The city undertakes to bring down all emissions from the region and its activities by 75% in 2050 as against 2004.
Paris has also committed to adapting, i.e. ensuring the adaptability of local authorities to climate change and its consequences. Adapting means setting up systems to respond to extreme events (e.g. the heatwave plan or the flooding lookout plan) and developing suitable public policies (reinforced greening to combat urban warming, alternate traffic days to respond to pollution peaks).
As regards financing, partnerships with business and the private sector will also be at the heart of the Summit on December 4, with a view to accelerating the ecological energy transition in metropolitan areas. The currently available and expected future financial tools for cities and communities in the fight against climate change will be studied and reinforced, and innovative experiences will be shared and developed.
Because climate change issues are about the commitment of future generations, the Summit will place the emphasis on developing the awareness of young people about climate issues.

The international agenda of the City of Paris during COP21

The city will also co-organize several international events during COP21:
• A multimedia Hub organized with the United Nations Foundation in the Petit Palais on Monday December 7
• The illumination of the Eiffel Tower with 3 artworks from the end of November until December 7

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