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One year ago, the City of Paris introduced a system of Parking Passes for coaches in Paris: " PassAutocar ". The objective is to encourage the coach companies to park on designated parking spaces (underground public parks and on-street bays) in order to decrease their harmful effects on public streets.

Parking PassAutocar allows to park one or several times in any coach park or on dedicated on-street parking spaces during the requested period (morning, afternoon, day, evening or 24h).

The introduction was favorably accepted by the professionals. After a year's experience, a few adaptations appear necessary to answer users'expectations and to go on with the improvements desired by Paris'inhabitants.

Thus, the Paris City Council of July has just adopted the following rules which will be effective as from July 15, 2004.

Day Pass and Monthly Pass are called from now on " Day Pass" and " Subscriber Pass".

Another innovation, the "Day Pass " for school coaches and coaches carrying groups of disabled people benefits from a half price fare.

The "river boat shuttles Pass " dedicated to the groups using the river boat shuttles for the visits of the " Iles " of the center of Paris is also from now on half price and valid in all the coach parks.

The minimum threshold of purchase for the "Subscriber Pass" is reduced to 800 euros, provided the adhesion to the respect of a quality and good practice commitment.. The fare reductions continue to be applied only for orders beyond 1800 euros.

New PassAutocar are created:
- for parking during the night, the "night Pass"
- for the transport companies justifying the exploitation of a regular line, the " Regular lines Pass ".

Transport professionals can visit the web site: www.autocars.paris.fr #A VALIDER# for more information and orders of these products and services.

Detail of the new tariff

  Purchase in advance by Internet (EURO) Purchase on site for the current day
Matin (8h-14h) 20 Units (20€) 30 Units (30€)
Après midi (13h-19h) 20 Units (20€) 30 Units (30€)
Journée (8h-19h) 30 Units (30€) 40 Units (40€)
Soirée (18h-2h) 20 Units (20€) 30 Units (30€)
Nuit (18h à 9h* of the following day) 30 Units (30€) 40 Units (40€)
24h (8h à 9h* of the following day) 50 Units (50€) 60 Units (60€)
* 7H59 for " Subscriber Pass " 1 unit = 1 EURO

"Disabled" and "School" Passes are available for all 6 types indicated above. Their tariff is 50% of the basic fare.
The"Disabled Pass" is dedicated to coaches carrying a group of disabled people holding a disability card.
The "School Pass" is dedicated to coaches for the transport of children from a school establishment.

The Pass "navette fluviale"(river boat shuttle) is dedicated to coaches dropping off a group in correspondence with a river boat shuttle. Its price is 10 units (10 euros). It is valid during 4 consecutive hours in one or several coach parks.

The "Regular lines Pass " is a special "Subscriber Pass " dedicated to the companies operating a regular line
of passengers transportation, either public and "authorized", or private and "declared".
It is reserved to the holders of an authorization and/or a declaration which acknowledge them as operator of a regular line.

The " Regular lines Pass " works like a "Subscriber Pass ".6 units (6 euros) are deduced for each parking in peripheral parks. 10 units (10 euros) are deduced for each parking of less than 45 mn. in a central park or on central sites It is available only in some parks and is valid only in one park.

For more information, please visit the web site www.autocars.paris.fr #A VALIDER# .

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