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Autocars de tourismeThis site is dedicated to travel organisers and coach companies. It informs coach operators of the services provided by the City of Paris, particularly in relation to the new PassAutocar.

The use of this PassAutocar is now the only way to pay for coach parking in Paris.
Once coach operators have identified themselves and registered with the service, they are able to order, pay for, print out and manage their PassAutocar. These pre-paid "coach passes" will open a range of information services up to them, as well as parking facilities within the majority of car parks and on-street parking spaces, which all carry a charge in Paris.

Accès professionnel :
- Ordering a pass
- Opening an account

Accès Pass scolaire :
- Ordering a pass
- Opening an account
Accès Pass handicapés :
- Ordering a pass
- Opening an account
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    City Policy Regarding Tourist Coach Parking

    The overall policy practised by Paris City Hall aims to create a compromise between public health decrees and the economic activity generated by tourism, whilst taking changes in means of mobility into account. It results particularly in an improved handling of the coach presence in the city, one of the levers for this, being the organisation of parking on the public streets. >>Lire la suite
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    An Introduction to Passes for Coach-Parking

    Several kinds of PassAutocar exist : the Day PassAutocar for occasional trips, the Subscriber PassAutocar for regular trips, and the Shuttle River Boat Pass for visits to Notre-Dame. They can be purchased by Internet (on this website) or on the spot.

    » How to obtain it? How to use it?  

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  • How To Obtain Passes On The Internet

    You can open a user's account to order your passes and buy a Day or a Subscriber PassAutocar from this site. For that, you will have to follow instructions as set-out below.

    Opening a User-Account on The Internet Site

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  • How to use Day PassAutocar ?

    You will find below, a guide for using Day PassAutocar and Subscriber PassAutocar.

    Day PassAutocar

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  • Agreement to obtain a monthly parking pass

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    Conditions of access for the Ile de la Cite and the Ile St-Louis

    Stopping and parking on the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint-Louis are prohibited for tourist coaches. From April 2003, tourist groups wishing to visit the Ile de la Cité - in particular Notre-Dame- and Ile Saint-Louis, will be able to take advantage of a regular river shuttle boat service. >>Lire la suite
  • Tariff modifications of PassAutocar for coach parking in Paris, From 15 July 2004

  • crédits : Mairie de Paris

    Traffic and Parking Regulations

    Tourist zones correspond to those districts of Paris which are extremely crowded and which are strategic spots of Paris traffic. Stopping and parking are prohibited in these areas outside spaces reserved to coaches.
    Informations about tourist zones :
    » Tourist Zone Regulation (link to Police Head Quarters site)

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    Where to Park in Paris?

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    Coaches in terms of figures

    The highest number of coaches travelling and parking in Paris in the course of a day is reckoned as being close on 2000. The problem of parking is therefore a crucial one. >>Lire la suite
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