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You can open a user's account to order your passes and buy a Day or a Subscriber PassAutocar from this site. For that, you will have to follow instructions as set-out below.

Opening a User-Account on The Internet Site

Any company planning journeys into Paris has the right to make use of this Internet Site: coach companies, tour operators and occasional freighters.
To use the service, you are required to possess:
- Internet access and an e-mail address for the creation and use of an account,
- a printer to print out the parking passes,
- a credit card for purchasing on line,
- information concerning the company opening the account:name, address, telephone and fax of the company, tax registration code, head of company's name.
- information concerning the coach firms who'll be making the journeys: name and address of the firm, trade name of the firm, head of company's name
With the afore-mentioned information, you can open an account.
Access to opening an account

Buying and modifying a Day PassAutocar

Follow the instructions given on the site.You should supply:
-The envisaged date of use
-The vehicle's country and registration number.

The date for use of the PassAutocar, the coach's trade name and its registration number are modifiable within the 180 days following the date of purchase provided that the A4 sheet has not been printed.The system will release a new A4 sheet and a new access code. At any rate, the date must be modified by Internet, no later than midnight the day before any use made of it is intended. WARNING: the A4 sheet can be reprinted at any time but ITS DETAILS CANNOT BE MODIFIED BEYOND THE FIRST IMPRESSION.
Change of vehicle

In the case of a change of vehicle, registration can be modified on the Internet, even if it has already been printed. The modification is possible on the very day of using the Day PassAutocar, up to the moment of using it for the first time.

A receipt for the amount of PassAutocar ordered at each log-on,can be printed after the transaction.

Buying a Subscriber PassAutocar

You should, firstly,sign an agreement regarding quality and good practice.
Acquiring the pass cards

Once the agreement has been included, you have to purchase a card for every vehicle using units of the Subscriber PassAutocar.
Follow the instructions on the site. You will need to specify:
-the vehicle's commercial tradename
-the vehicle's country and registration number.
You will receive the cards by post.
Purchasing the units

You should credit your account to meet the cost of purchasing 800 units minimum.
On completing the order, you should print out the bill and make the payment.

WARNING : as payments exceding 800 euros cannot be made by Internet, it is advisable to pass an order for the units sufficiently ahead of time.
Printing out A4 sheets

For every card that you envisage using in a given month, you will need to print out an A4 for the corresponding month.
Foreseeable Use

The company specifies on the Internet, envisaged monthly use of the pass, for the months ahead.It is particularly committed to warning in advance about untypical days of use, during major congresses for example Declaring this is part of the agreement.
Keeping up to date with your account situation
Each verified card, debits the card holder's account on the day it is used, of a number of units corresponding to the pass best suited to the company. The latter is worked out according to the initial entry and final exit times.
Units are debited in the order of their expiry dates.
As soon as an account's credit is less than its limit as specified by the firm (the default value is 20 units multiplied by the number of monthly passes in use, which means the number of A4 print-outs for the month), a warning mail is received, issued from the system.

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