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Photo Henri Garat - Mairie de paris
The highest number of coaches travelling and parking in Paris in the course of a day is reckoned as being close on 2000. The problem of parking is therefore a crucial one.

The Actual Situation : up to 2000 coaches a day.

According to the Tourist and Congress Office data (OCTP), Paris receives 26 million visitors a year, 60% of whom are foreigners.

The share which coaches have in conveying tourists is reckoned at between 10 and 20%.This means of transport is generally used by groups for first-time visits to the capital.The tourist whose loyalty has been obtained will thereafter return to Paris by more personal means. It also allows the City to be visited rapidly for foreign groups in a hurry and who are only spending a few days in Europe.

Tour operators are the largest coach-users, but the coach is also a means of transport used by school groups, retired peoples' goups and works committees to visit the City, take part in an event or go to a show.Organising colloquiums and congresses also often includes group travel, particularly on an evening.

Coach Parking (results of the 17 August 2002 survey for the 30 main Paris sites).

The highest number of coaches travelling and parking in Paris in the course of a day is reckoned at 2000.
Two thirds are foreigners but outwith the summer season, the share of French coaches is high.That of non domestic French coaches stands at 7% in summer.

In Paris,coaches can only park in the parking areas and parking bays meant for them. Outwith these parking bays, parking is forbidden and inconvenient.Stops are moreover forbidden in areas designated as tourist ones by police and municipal decrees.

In the rush-hour period, nearly 300 coaches park simultaneously on or near the principal tourist sites, 20% of them illegaly. The total length of parking times or stops accumulated in one day between 9a.m. and 7p.m. is about 1h25 per coach. When they park, the average duration of parking is a little more than 1hour.Every coach stops or parks on average twice a day in the Capital's main tourist sites.

There are about 574 public spaces at present (361 in indoor car parks, multi storey or open air) and 213 on public streets.To this availability, can be added 63 spaces in closed car parks with reserved access like le Port de la Conférence for example, which is restricted to Bateaux Mouches visitors.The total availability stands at 637 spaces, not including the stopping areas for dropping off and picking up (46 spaces).

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