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N°24 - June 2014
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1 M€: it's the total amount granted since 2002 to associations, school complexes and universities who were awarded the Label Paris-Europe, an annual call for proposals with European dimension proposed by the City of Paris





The highlights of the Mayor’s international agenda
The Trips of the Mayor and his deputies abroad, the discussions with foreign leaders, the attractions and events inside and outside the City Hall: every last one of these is a highlight, expressing the interest Paris shows in international issues, to the point of making its international policy one of its top priorities.
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Editorial for international newsletter n°24 - June 2014

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Paris’ international action: this term’s priorities

Flashback on...

11 winners of the 2014 Paris Europe label


€77,500 awarded to 11 projects to allow Parisians to develop new European ties and reinforce solidarity and citizenship within Europe.

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Les autres titres :
Launch of the “Pour une Europe des droits des femmes” (for a Europe of women’s rights) platform at the City Hall
"Pélerinage en décalage”, the first Israeli-Palestinian Festival was held in May
Paris commemorates the 99th anniversary of the Armenian genocide


The Mayor of Paris visits New York to discuss sustainable cities


The Mayor of Paris has completed her first trip to New York for the  sustainable city panel organised by the CGLU, the global city network

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Les autres titres :
Paris rewarded for its work on improving quality of life and sustainable development
Paris-Mexico City: a visit by Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera and the signing of a new cooperation agreement