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N°27 - January 2015
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The highlights of the Mayor’s international agenda
The Trips of the Mayor and his deputies abroad, the discussions with foreign leaders, the attractions and events inside and outside the City Hall: every last one of these is a highlight, expressing the interest Paris shows in international issues, to the point of making its international policy one of its top priorities.
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Now more than ever, Paris defends fundamental freedoms

The City of Paris works to promote respect for fundamental freedoms in many different ways, including participating in the International Cities Of Refuge Network (ICORN) for exiled artists and writers, supporting the Lucas Dolega Award, hosting the prize-giving for the Le Temps Presse festival and granting honorary citizenship.

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340 days to go until the COP 21 conference in Paris in December 2015

Culture News


Paris: le place-to-be for innovation and intellectual capital

From specialized incubators to the 'Point Paris' domain name, check out the latest projects where international talent meets made-in-Paris innovation.


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Flashback on...

Paris Declaration: world cities pledge to eradicate AIDS by 2030


To mark World AIDS Day on 1st December 2014, representatives of cities from around the world met in Paris to sign a founding text pledging their commitment to eradicate AIDS.

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Paris-Jericho: 7 years of cooperation


Paris est Charlie: moving tributes from around the world


From Berlin to Bethlehem, Chicago, London, New York, Rio, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Tunis, cities around the world are showing their solidarity and paying tribute to the victims of the attack in Paris.

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Paris supports DEFIS SUD 3, a forum on careers in the area of development