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N°26 - November 2014
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The highlights of the Mayor’s international agenda
The Trips of the Mayor and his deputies abroad, the discussions with foreign leaders, the attractions and events inside and outside the City Hall: every last one of these is a highlight, expressing the interest Paris shows in international issues, to the point of making its international policy one of its top priorities.
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Official development assistance: Paris still ahead


Paris spent over € 6.7 million on the development of southern cities and countries in 2013 and is among the most generous French authorities in terms of contributions.

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Flashback on...


Associations: last days for submitting your Water and Sanitation Solidarity projects


Paris has launched a new call for projects this autumn, open to all French associations governed by the French Law of 1901, and related to access to water and sanitation in developing countries. Applications can be submitted until 16th November via a SIMPA application.

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