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N°29 - April 2015
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The highlights of the Mayor’s international agenda
The Trips of the Mayor and his deputies abroad, the discussions with foreign leaders, the attractions and events inside and outside the City Hall: every last one of these is a highlight, expressing the interest Paris shows in international issues, to the point of making its international policy one of its top priorities.
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9 May: Paris celebrates Europe on the square by the City Hall and throughout Paris


Europe Day Celebrations will take place on the square in front of City Hall for the 10th consecutive year, and for the first time throughout the city, allowing visitors to discover Europe from a new angle.

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Paris provides aid to Vanuatu and Madagascar disaster victims

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2 Calls for project proposals to finance Parisians’ international projects


In April, the Paris Europe Label and the “Paris Co-dévelopement Sud” Label launched calls for project proposals. In 2015 the Labels will support Parisians’ international projects themed on the fight against climate change on the European level and establishing co-development projects.

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Flashback on...

In Paris, European capitals commit to protecting the climate

One month ago, Anne Hidalgo gathered representatives of European capitals and major cities from the 28 member states to join together in the fight against climate change. The meeting was one of the major preparatory events leading up to the United Nations conference on climate change (COP21), which will take place in Paris December of this year.

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African mayors appeal for sustainable electrification in Africa
Record Store Day 2015: a collector’s vinyl released as part of the Paris-London Tandem


International solidarity: Paris, the first French metropolis to commit to “1% waste”


The City of Paris recently committed to dedicating a percentage of revenues derived from waste collection to support international solidarity. The funds will allow communities in the southern hemisphere to benefit from a healthier urban environment.

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Editorial of International Newsletter 29