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Pont du Garigliano

Pont du Garigliano

At the time the fortifications were still in place, the ferry service on the site of the current bridge became insufficient when in 1860 the City of Paris annexed the communes of Auteuil and Vaugirard. Given the need to complete the orbital rail link, the Administration in 1863 decided on the construction of a two-tier structure to carry both road and rail. The Auteuil Viaduct was built between 1863 and 1865 and comprised a stone road bridge topped by a stone viaduct intended for the railway. It resembled the current Pont de Bercy.
This structure, still called the Point-du-Jour viaduct, suffered war damage on two occasions, once in 1870 during the siege of Paris, when it was shelled from the Châtillon plateau, and once in 1943 when it was the only Parisian bridge to be damaged by bombing.In the fifties, several reasons led to it being replaced: increased road traffic on the Maréchaux ring road, disaffection with the orbital rail link, and the problems for river traffic caused by the excessively low arches. Finally, the viaduct was demolished in 1962 and was superseded by a new structure which was started in 1963 under the control of the engineers PILON, COSTE and MUZAS.
Opened to traffic on 1st September 1966, it was named Pont du Garigliano, in honour of the victory won in Italy in 1944 by General Juin.


DAVY, architect, THENAULT, engineer


DODIN, FIVE-LILLE, CAIL - Forges et Ateliers du Creusot

Construction date


Total length
209 m

Usable width
26 m: 19 m roadway; two pavements of 3.50 m.

Construction principles

Welded metal bridge of six girders, comprising three spans of 58 m, 93 m and 58 m.


Quai Louis Blériot
Quai d'Issy les-Moulineaux
75015 Paris

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