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Pont de l'Alma

Pont de l'Alma

The first bridge was built from 1854 to 1856 by Napoleon III to commemorate his first victory in the Crimea on 20 September 1854, and also to stimulate the first Universal Exposition in Paris. At centre-striking however, settling of 30 cm in the piers required reworking of the foundations and the pier surrounds. The stone structure comprises three elliptical arches. The pier cutwaters are decorated with four 6m high figures, including George Dibolt's famous Zouave.By the early 1960s, the structure had settled by nearly 80 cm and was also too narrow for road and river traffic. The decision to replace it was taken on 1st June 1963, but work did not start before 11th May 1970.

In order to avoid the problems of settling which had affected the first bridge, the foundations were taken to a depth of 40 m and the abutments were placed on reinforced concrete piles.
The statue of the Zouave was placed on the cutwater of the sole pier, and the other figures were relocated around the country.


J.F. COSNE and Ch.BLAN, engineers
A.ARSAC and M.DOUGNAC, architects



Construction date

From May 1970 to June 1974

Total length
142.50 m

Usable width
42 m: two roadways of 14 m; two pavements of 6 m; a central reservation of 2 m.

Construction principles

Two metal spans of welded steel, articulated on a single pier. The deck comprises two mated, mechanically independent, half-bridges.
The Zouave statue was put back on the single pier.


Cour Albert 1er/quai de New -York
Quai Branly/quai d'Orsay
75016 Paris

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