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Pont de Bercy

Pont de Bercy

In 1831, King Louis-Philippe laid the first stone of the first bridge at Bercy, which he opened on 29th January 1832. It is a suspended work with a central span of 44 m and two side spans of 45 m each. At the time it was located outside Paris and until 1861 it could only be crossed after paying a tax.The allowable tonnage was limited by its structure and the Administration therefore sought to replace the suspension bridge with a stronger structure. A stone bridge designed by the engineer FELINE-ROMANY was therefore built between 1863 and 1864.
The arch tympana are decorated by wreaths surrounding round windows. In 1904, the bridge was widened by 5.50 m in order to be able to take the Métropolitain train viaduct, also a stone structure comprising some forty one arches.
The Pont de Bercy links the 12th and 13th arrondissements and is one of the vital arteries of eastern Paris. The traffic it carries is constantly rising and the prospects for development of the south-east areas of Paris mean that it will have to be widened. On 20th January 1986, the Paris Council decided to double it.
The project consists in creating three additional traffic lanes and a pavement of 4.50 m, the whole representing a total widening of some 16 metres, symmetrical with the initial bridge in relation to the Métro viaduct and establishing complete continuity between the boulevards de Bercy (right bank) and Vincent-Auriol (left bank). Following a sketch design competition the final choice was for a structure identical in appearance to the existing bridge: the new piers are exactly aligned with the old ones, and the underside and tympana of the new bridge exactly imitate those of the old one, using a quarried stone facing.
However, the works are only identical on the outside and the new bridge is not a stone construction, but is made of reinforced concrete and completely independent, simply abutting against the existing structure to prevent any transfer of load.
Its opening on 1st August 1991 is followed by resealing and repair of the facing of the old bridge. Once completed and repaired, the Pont de Bercy is delivered complete in January 1992.


New bridge: 1989-1991
Old bridge: Feline-Romany engineers


Old bridge: Garnuchot
New bridge: Quillery-T.P

Construction date

Total length
175 m

Usable width
40 m: roadways 10.50 m

Pavements 4.90 m, 10.70 m, 4.50 m 10 m

Construction principles

Old bridge: Five elliptical stone arches with 29 m spans
New bridge: Structure apparently identical to the old bridge but made of reinforced concrete with stone facing.Old bridge: 1863 - 1864

Foundations on sunken concrete.

Garlands sculpted on round windows on each tympanum.


Quai de Bercy
Quai de la Gare
75012 Paris

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