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Pont d'Austerlitz

Pont d'Austerlitz

In the 18th century, several attempts were made to link the Saint-Antoine suburbs with the Jardin des Plantes, such as the project designed by Jean-Baptiste Perronet in 1773 which comprises a 220 m long wooden bridge, or that from Buffon, director of the Jardin des Plantes, who campaigned in favour of a ferry service, or finally, that of Beaumarchais, who wanted a metal bridge.Finally, the decision was taken in 1801 to build a bridge designed by the engineer BECQUEY de BEAUPRE, which comprised five cast iron arches with a span of 32 m, resting on four piers and two stone abutments. Its total length was 174 m and its width 13 m. Each arch had seven trusses of twenty one segments each. To prevent damage from traffic-induced vibration, the arches were placed on metal pads, which did not however prevent the appearance of cracks.
In 1854, the bridge - now felt to be dangerous - was rebuilt with 1/8 depressed stone arches under the supervision of the engineers MICHAL and SAVARIN. Its width was extended to 18 m and the existing piers were re-used and strengthened.
However, the work proved to be inadequate to meet the growing traffic demands and it was then widened a second time to 30 m, the new vaults being symmetrically juxtaposed with the old ones. The work continued from 1884 to 1885 under the supervision of GUIARD, giving the bridge the appearance we can see today.


CHOQUET and GUIARD, 1884-1885


GARIL, 1854
MERCADI, 1884-1885

Construction dates

1854, 1884-1885

Total length
173.80 m

Usable width
30 m: 20 m roadway; two 5 m pavements

Construction principles

Five stone arches, 32 m span, depressed 1/8. The widened vaults, built in 1884, are simply juxtaposed with the old ones.

On the tympana, at each pier and abutment, crowned imperial N surrounded by laurel branches.



Quai de la Rape
Quai d'Austerlitz
75012 Paris

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