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Pont au Double

Pont au Double

Extension to the Htel-Dieu (Hospital), which was very crowded in 1626, was becoming essential. The architect, Gamard, designed a structure which aimed to link the buildings on both sides of the small branch of the Seine comfortably with a two-arched bridge overlooked by wards, one of which was the Saint-Cme.It was not exactly a real bridge. However, a third of its width was open to the public who, as decided by the Htel-Dieu, had to pay a double farthing - hence its name. The money received was used to pay for the work. These hospital wards did not disappear until 1835.

At the base of the bridge, a staircase used to emerge from an arch onto the Seine, where the nuns, nicknamed the "little washerwomen", did their own washing and that of the sick and infirm. This hard work lasted a full nine hours. The hospital poured its waste directly into the Seine with no concern for hygiene, despite the objections of the local residents who were seriously inconvenienced by their neighbour. The bridge, rebuilt numerous times, was completely rebuilt in 1882, in cast iron, with a single arch.

Construction date

Built in 1882.

Usable width

20 m wide.

Construction principles

One 31 m arch made up of two cast iron arcs, steel struts.


Quai de l'Archevch
quai Montebello
75004 Paris

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