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Passerelle Senghor (ex- Passerelle Solférino)

Passerelle Senghor (ex- Passerelle Solférino)

Inaugurated by Napoleon III, the first Solférino bridge - which was a three-arch cast iron bridge between Quai Anatole France and Quai des Tuileries - was opened to vehicle traffic in 1861. Weakened by a century of faithful service, it was demolished in 1960. In 1961, a "temporary" steel footbridge was installed and was to remain in service until demolition in 1992. Connecting the Orsay Museum with the Tuileries Gardens, the Solférino footbridge is a symbol of the continuity of the Seine river crossings, through the history of its bridges, its urban development and its construction techniques.Designed by the engineer and architect Marc MIMRAM, the project crosses the Seine in a single arch, with no intermediate support in the river, enabling the structure to be widened while increasing its span. The footbridge is caught between the open expanses of water and sky created by the geography of the site.
The arch rests on two abutments arranged symmetrically on lateral facings. The end spans pick up this symmetry between the intermediate support along the embankment road on the left bank and the embankment wall on the right bank.

The symmetrical structure of the work carries an asymmetrical pathway comprising two slightly convex passages side by side, like two balconies over the river. The central part is a meeting place with benches and lighting. The plating and the stairways in the vault are made of finely grooved Azobe exotic hardwood laid over the two decks.




Etablissement public du Grand Louvre

Construction date


Total length
106 m

Construction principles

A single metal arch 106 m in span resting on two abutments arranged symmetrically on lateral facings. Azobe exotic hardwood plating. Transverse section of the structure:
two steel arches, comprising two curved caissons joined by transverse ribs.


Quai des Tuileries
Quai Anatole France
75007 Paris

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