Paris, a city with an international profile
Paris, a city with an international profile
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Paris, a city with an international profile

As a capital with an international influence, Paris is involved in major global issues. Solidarity initiatives, cultural exchanges, European policies and cooperation agreements: in all these fields we strive to be available for others and to benefit from experience gained elsewhere for Parisians.

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One year after entering the world's first tourism startup incubator ‘Theatre in Paris’ is making even more plays available in English

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Paris, a European capital. The City's cooperation agreements with many cities in the European Union are a way of sharing social, cultural and administrative best practices. The twinning with Rome, which has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, has been given new impetus. Paris also takes part in EU city networks. Find out about the "Paris Europe" label, which supports Parisians' European projects, and the "Maison de lEurope" in Paris the aim of which is to make the EU simpler, closer and more concrete for you.

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Paris has inspired the greatest artists. Many programmes are conducted with over forty capitals and major foreign cities so that it remains an open capital of culture, where creators from all over the world meet, share and produce their work. The aim is to enable the Parisian artistic scene to be exported abroad. Artist residency programmes, foreign spotlights and several international projects are the result.

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Paris shares the same reality and concerns as all major cities across the world: social, democratic, environmental, economic and cultural issues. The City of Paris wishes to further dialogue, share experiences and expertise. This is why Paris' international initiatives are based on exchanges and on the respect for identities.

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Heads of State on official visits to France, mayors of major cities and prominent figures are received at the City Hall by the Mayor and the Council of Paris. This tradition enables distinguished guests to receive the welcome they expect from a city open to the world.

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Conseil de Paris

The construction of metropolises has given rise to controversies in academic debate as well as in society as a whole. The  “Governing the Metropolis: Powers and Territories. New Directions for Research” conference will take place in Paris in November 2012.


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Researchers from abroad are invited to apply for a post-doctoral or senior research grant in a public laboratory in Paris. Supporting research across all disciplines is one of the City of Paris’ priorities. Read about this programm dedicated to the foreign researchers. 

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Bound by history and culture, Europe, the Mediterranean and the French-speaking world are important partners in Paris' natural arena of cooperation, which can prove to be a laboratory of ideas. City Hall's cooperation initiatives are based on its ability to share its expertise.

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Ingrid Betancourt, citoyenne d'honneur de la Ville de Paris
International solidarity

Three priorities: taking part in the fight against AIDS in Africa, improving access to drinking water and sanitation in countries which are the most deprived and defending human rights. City Hall shows its solidarity by providing technical and financial aid following natural disasters. It also supports Parisian associations which are present in the field.

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