The Cities for Life Global Summit in Paris

The second edition of the Cities for Life Global Summit, created in 2015 by the city of Medellin, is to be held at Paris City Hall (21-22 November 2016). This major international event will place Paris at the centre of a network of cities committed to social inclusion, resilience, and innovation for the greatest number of people.

The challenge of achieving greater social inclusion is a global one: it concerns cities in the south, as well as those in the north, east and west. The solutions to be invented in support of city-dwellers (who will account for 2 in 3 people in 2050) concern all the areas of urban policy: access to essential services, employment and vocational training particularly for young people, town planning, the ageing population, adapting to climate change, energy, housing, mobility, education, health, immigration, fighting pollution, integrating the informal sector, the safety and security of people and property…

International cities and private partners

To reinvent their cities, Mayors and their public and private partners have innovative new tools at their disposal, as well as a number of experiments carried out in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Madrid, Rotterdam and Seoul.

The Cities for Life Summit, organised in association with the La Tribune/Smart City Paris Forum, is a call for greater cooperation between cities, for solidarity and for exchanges of initiatives and best practice. It will bring together leading networks of cities such as the OECD, AIMF, Resilient Cities and C40, major foundations such as the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and think tanks such as People for Global Transformation, etc.

The conference will be held just a few weeks after the UN Habitat III conference - attended by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris – and will bring together participants from around the world committed to fighting against exclusion and inequalities, constructing a genuine urban transition, and achieving inclusive and ecological growth.

A broad international debate prior to the Summit

Although we are all familiar with the words “solidarity” and “fraternity”, the term “inclusion” remains a relative unknown. And yet it is with this broad and ambitious goal of “reducing exclusion” that so many policies are being conducted in France and abroad.

An international consultation that is open to everyone proposes to reflect on this term and share our visions of the city for all, the “city that does not exclude anyone”. You can answer all or some of the questions, and share your remarks and experiences. Your contributions will be collected in an executive summary, which will be delivered during the summit.

Summit website and online debate

Dernière mise à jour le mercredi 21 septembre 2016
Crédit photo : © François Grunberg / Mairie de Paris

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